Monday, 17 December 2007

Shooty Dog Thing 4

Hi there!

Welcome to the new issue of Shooty Dog Thing, completing the fourth of 2007's quarters. I hope you enjoy this over your festive holiday, and let others know: don't forget to leave Santa a copy alongside his sherry and mince pies!

This issue features lots of brilliant stuff:

Cover by Andy Hackett (
Rambling editorial by Paul Castle
Tim Hirst interviewed by Paul Castle (
Crossword by Terry Francis
"All My Love To Long Ago" by Paul Castle, pics by Felice
"Take Five? Nah!" by Iain Martin
Self Portrait autobiography reviewed by Jon Arnold
(please visit to buy the book and read my review there)
"AlternativeZ" by Terry Francis
"What I Don't Understand Is This..." 'puzzle' by Paul Castle
"Quick Guides: Polly & Ben" by Stephen Gray
Anneke Wills interviewed by Paul Castle
"Doctor Who Monthly" reviews:
(Dec: 'The Seeds Of Death' novelisation reviewed by Terry Francis
'Cyber-Hunt' spin-off CD reviewed by Paul Castle
Jan: 'Relative Dementias' novel reviewed by Wesley Osam
'Storm Warning' CD reviewed by Colin John Francis
Feb: 'The Web Planet' tv story reviewed by Arfie Mansfield
'Planet Of The Daleks' comic strip reviewed by James Hadwen)
"Is The Doctor Worth The Monsters?" by Jon Arnold
YANA e-zine sort of reviewed by Paul Castle
"Twenty-Oh-Nine" forecast by Paul Castle
"Considering One's Character Options" by Paul Castle
"Doctor In Love" by Paul Castle, pics by Red Sharlach of
"Craggles Rocked!": Jon Arnold remembers Craig Hinton
"Auntie Iris's Guide To The Rubbish Monsters #2" by Erik Pollitt
"The Original Captain Jack" by Nicole Redo
"The Quark Is Rising" by Arfie Mansfield

As always the issue comes in two free-to-download editions. This gives you a choice: you can either print it out as a proper fanzine, or read onscreen as an e-zine. Though if you take the e-zine option, make sure you print off the crossword /before/ you start filling it in!

A5 Fanzine version (print this side first):

(and then flip the pages over as a whole and insert them into the sheetfeeder so that the blank side prints):

E-zine version:

Well, that's enough from me! Have a very Merry Christmas and I'll see you in March for issue five!

Paul Castle
(and you can scroll down to the previous entry - 11-09-07 - to download all three issues thus far!)

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Submission details

Hi, someone noted that there's no submission or contact details here on the blog. There's an email address in the fanzine itself, but to save you from having to look at *that* you can contact me here:

Braxiatel (at)
(just replace the (at) with an @ - I don't want any spam from hunter-spammer robots that may or may not trawl the blogs for unwary email addresses)

If you're interested in writing something, don't just send me stuff though. Email me and we can talk about it first. i don't want anyone to go to any trouble in writing something I can't use, and a few emails will avoid disappointment.

Issue four is well on the way, so we're probably talking March's issue five at the earliest for new projects.

Many thanks,

Paul Castle
(and you can scroll down to the previous entry - 11-09-07 - to download all three issues thus far!)

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Shooty Dog Thing 3 Reloaded

Hello again!

I had to take down Shooty Dog Thing #3 on Saturday morning, as due to professional reasons I am not at liberty to discuss, Stephen Fewell requested that I remove his interview from the fanzine. This is not any reflection on the quality or content of the interview, which he was happy with.

As it was down, I took the opportunity to rejig the fanzine slightly, correcting typos and adjusting page order and fixing anything I was unhappy with. You know what us writers/editors are like! There's some stuff in there that wasn't in the orginal, like Henry Flynn's Dalek City photo story, the odd filler piece, and the answer's to issue two's puzzles. I'm now much happier with the issue as a whole and Stephen wishes both me and Shooty Dog Thing success for the future.

I would like to request that people respect Stephen's wishes amd refrain from asking me for a copy of the original version of the fanzine, as I am honour bound not to distribute it. Thanks for your patience.

NB: This is no 'cut down' version, it's a full 48 page issue!


Read on screen version: (5mb)

Print version Side A: (3mb)

Print version Side B: (2mb)

Printing Tips:
The print versions are arranged so that after printing Side A, you'll have to reload the printed sheets into the paper tray. Just flip the pages as a whole and place into the sheet feeder so that the reverse side of the cover is the right way around for the inside covers to print on. You may neet to print a test sheet marking the top page in the paper tray/feeder with an X and 'left side', right side' in the appropriate places. Once you've done this once you'll always know how to use both sides of the paper and reduce our impact on the environment. You'll then have to fold and staple. If you haven't got a long arm stapler, don't worry, the staples should easily pin through all the folded sheets, just staple as close to the edge as you can - I've kept the margins wide enough to allow you to do this.

Back Issues:


Read on screen version: (2mb)

Print version Side A: (2mb)

Print version Side B: (329kb)


Read on screen version: (4mb)

Print version Side A: (3mb)

Print version Side B: (1mb)

All are free to download, and free to distribute. Please don't re-use any artwork or articles without permission. You may scan the front cover to promote Shooty Dog Thing in websites or magazines.

Saturday, 8 September 2007

More problems I'm afraid

Hi there,

it's not really going too well for the third issue so far. There's another problem with it that might take a couple of days to rectify, and that entails taking them down in the meantime. Please bear with me - it won't be long.


Friday, 7 September 2007

side B take two

Something's gone wrong with the link to Side B of the print out version in the last post, so try this instead:

Sorry about that!

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Issue Three Now Online!

Hey there!

Issue three of Shooty Dog Thing is now available to download. It's a celebration of 15 years of Bernice Summerfield, who first appeared in issue 192 of DWM way back in september 1992, and then in Paul Cornell's "Love And War" the following month.

The issue has interviews with Simon Guerrier, producer of the Benny range at Big Finish, Stephen Fewell, who plays Jason Kane in the Benny audios, and Lisa Bowerman, who plays Bernice Summerfield in the very same.

Also you'll find a history of Benny in print and elsewhere by Iain Martin, with additional stuff by me, a short story where Benny and Jason dig up some Quarks, and other stuff.

The issue is, as always, available in two versions. You can download a read onscreen edition if not wishing to print out:

and an edition presented so you can print out one side of an A5 fanzine format:

then the other (just reload all of side A back into the sheet feeder the right way around to print the reverse):

All versions are PDF files, and require Adobe Acrobat to read, which'll just need a quick google to find and download (there's always a free version).

All back issues are available, just scroll down to the June 14th entries for the first two issues.

I hope you enjoy the issue, and will see you again with issue 4 in December!

Oh, and please let me know what you think.

Paul Castle

Thursday, 2 August 2007

SFX 'Fanzine Of The Month' review!

The new issue of SFX (#160, the one with the Star Trek cross-stitch logo on the cover) has given Shooty Dog Thing #2 a bloody marvellous review. I won't quote much of what it says here as I want you to go and look at the issue (see page 122, in with the reader ads at the back of the mag) to return the favour, but 'there are some genuinely cool things to read' sums up what Ian Berriman thinks of it. This is precisely what I need to hear as now's when I should be pulling out that finger and getting on with the third issue for next month!

Pop down to the July 15th entry to see how you can download the fanzine, Share And Enjoy!

(off to grab a cup of tea and find the Clangers article in SFX...)

Thursday, 14 June 2007


A wee bit late due to my laptop dying on me three weeks before the due date of 1st June, the second issue of the critically acclaimed SHOOTY DOG THING is finally available for free download.

Shooty Dog Thing comes in two editions, one which you can simply read onscreen:

the other is designed so you can print out a copy to fold and staple as a classic A5 fanzine. It's a little tricky if you aren't familar with your printer, but you're learning how to print on both sides and reduce paper usage - so it's worth taking the effort.
The second issue I'm confident has all the pages in the right places. Just ensure the sheets with the lower-case roman numerals are on the reverse side of those with upper-case numerals and you shouldn't go too far wrong.

Please feel free to post me feedback on the fanzine. You can either email me direct at braxiatel(at)yahoo(dot)com, post a reply to this blog, or check out the message at the Outpost Gallifrey Forum, in the fanzines section.

Many thanks, and enjoy the issue!


Back Issues re-uploaded


The people I use for hosting my files,, delete accounts that remain inactive for 56 days, so about a month ago they wiped the first issue off the server.

I've just re-uploaded those files, which you can download from here:

Shooty Dog Thing comes in two editions, one which you can simply read onscreen, but the second is designed so you can print out a copy to fold and staple as a classic A5 fanzine. It's a little tricky if you aren't familar with your printer, but you're learning how to print on both sides and reduce paper usage - so it's worth making the effort.

Shooty Dog Thing issue 1 (read on-screen)

Shooty Dog Thing issue 1 (print out, fold and staple) (feed paper back into in-tray the right way around and print side B:)

There was a free gift with the issue, a 'little brother' fanzine from the diseased mind of Erik Pollitt. Here's just the 'screen' version for now (I can't find the print version)


Saturday, 2 June 2007

Hello! A bit late!

Hello. Probably none of you will come here looking until I post adverts around the place telling you that the second issue is out, but just in case anyone does think "it's June, I wonder if the second Shooty Dog Thing is out yet?" I've just popped in to say:

It's not! :o)

It won't be too late, just a week maybe. The laptop died on me, totally and utterly. I was able to recover the hard drive (now sitting on my desk in an external USB caddy thing - isn't technology wonderful?) so the issue still existed. I just didn't have a computer to complete it on until yesterday.

Which was a shame, but hardly the end of the world.

So, bear with me, and it'd be along shortly.

I'll also re-upload the first issue. Fileden deletes accounts that are dormant for 56 days, so I'll have to create a new one with them. I'll maybe re-edit the 'print' version first to make it easier to assemble! That's a job I'll do in a couple of days. I'll let you know here when they're ready.


Thursday, 22 March 2007

Shooty Dog Thing Adventures - Issue One

Issue one of "Shooty Dog Thing" has a free gift, a little brother mini-freezine from the deranged minds of Erik Pollitt and myself that has all the stuff which wasn't the right tone for the main issue, but more like a Tav-zine which we used to do years back.

But rather than being just the one week late, it's actually three weeks behind schedule. That's the last time I trust Auntie Iris with the post...

But anyway, her bus pulled up outside and with much cursing along the lines of "do I look like a bloody postman" and "bloody fanzine editors" she shoved the data-pen through the letterbox and stomped off.

Just like with the main issue, "Shooty Dog Thing Adventures" comes in two versions, a read on screen copy for the majority of you, and a 'print out' version which you can insert into the centre pages of the main zine, just where it was always intended to go. Please note that this one is rather ink intensive - might be better to use a high GSM paper - and don't forget to flip the page to get both sides printed :o)

"Shooty Dog Thing #1 - Screen Edition":

with freebie "Shooty Dog Thing Adventures - Screen Edition":

"Shooty Dog Thing #1 - Print Edition":

with freebie "Shooty Dog Thing Adventures - Print Edition":

Thanks for all the kind comments, keep them coming - don't be shy!


Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Shooty Dog Thing - Issue One

"Shooty Dog Thing" issue one is now online for you to download totally free of charge. Skip to the end if you can't be bothered reading all the stuff below, to find out how you can download it.

I created the fanzine because I love "Doctor Who" in all shapes and forms, and miss the old days of fanzines. Paul Cornell edited a book called "Licence Denied" back in 1997 after Virgin Publishing lost the licence to publish original "Doctor Who" fiction. As a kind of last word on the subject Paul Cornell closed the Virgin era by editing a collection of the very best fanzine articles. Inspired by this I edited my first fanzine, "Eye of Orion", which ran for seven issues over the next four years, but real life intruded as my university days came to an end and it all went pear-shaped.

And then, last summer, I picked up "Licence Denied" from the bookcase as I was rushing out the door, and in the pub and on the train throughout that afternoon I found myself falling in love with the idea of producing a fanzine again. Both my mum and my girlfriend had suggested I get a hobby as my cycle of work-sleep-work-sleep was getting me down, and it was the latter who suggested I start writing fanzines again.

And there the fun began. Lots of texts and random calls on the mobile with my friend Erik Pollitt, together with copious handwritten notes whilst waiting in the pub for the missus to finish work, finally brought together a structure for "Shooty Dog Thing". The title taken from Anthony Stewart Head's line in the David Tennant "Doctor Who" story (describing K-9), the contents from all forty three years of "Doctor Who" on TV, in the comics, books, audios and other media.

The fanzine is available in two different editions. The idea of the issue was to produce as a 48 page A5 fanzine, but the handicap there is that you have to spend money on printing and posting, and ask people for money, and that's where the last fanzine failed. I didn't really want to go down the webzine road as I'm not that keen on them (except as back issues - "Five Hundred Eyes" and "Time/Space Visualiser" are great to read) so I compromised: "Shooty Dog Thing" will be published in two editions: one as a simple PDF file you can read on the computer screen, the other as a pair of PDFs you can print out, fold and staple.

"Shooty Dog Thing #1 - Screen Edition":

with freebie "Shooty Dog Thing Adventures - Screen Edition":
(to be uploaded later)

"Shooty Dog Thing #1 - Print Edition":

with freebie "Shooty Dog Thing Adventures - Print Edition":
(to be uploaded later)

For the Print Edition you will need to print out file A first, turn the pages over and print file B onto the reverse. It's best that you play with your printer first to find out which way up and what side your printer does its stuff on first, else it'd go wrong... Hey, you're learning how to use both sides of the paper and help save the environment :)

Please let me know what you think of it. You can email me at or post to the thread in the fanzines forum room at Outpost Gallifrey.