Friday, 2 January 2009

Eight, eight, what rhymes with... ah, late - sorry!

Well, hello...

Bit late again, but wanted to get it done properly rather than rush it out. The past month or so's seen some family illness and Christmas, so you know how it is: you gotta prioritise! Anyway, both are thankfully all-but behind us now and I got here in the end.

So, without further waffle (there's enough of that from me in the issue) issue eight contains:

Second Doctor, Ben & Polly Cover by Danielle Ellison
Editorial by Paul Castle
"Doctor Who And The War Machines Of The Daleks" by Paul Castle
"AlternativeZ" (M, N, & O) by Terry Francis
Interview with Simon A Forward
"Doctor Who Monthly" - reviews by Wesley Osam (Bad Therapy), James Gent (The Two Doctors), Paul Castle (Abslom Daak... Dalek Killer!), James Hadwen (The Tides Of Time), Colin John Francis (Excelis Dawns), and Arfie Mansfield (The Sea Devils)
"Cy-Fi" by Paul Castle
"Another Blatant Shelf Life Plug..." by Jay Eales
"Lost Keys!" by Paul Castle
"Better Bad Than Trad?" by Finn Clark
"The Obligatory 11th Doctor Speculation Bit" by Paul Castle
"The Wordsearch Of Steel" by Terry Francis
"Stockbridge" by James Hadwen
"The Terrible Zodin" recommended by Paul Castle
"The (Not So) Terrible Zodin!" review by Jon Arnold
"Bad Joke" cartoon by Danielle Ellison and Paul Castle

As always the issue comes in two free-to-download editions. This gives you a choice: you can either print it out as a proper fanzine, or read onscreen as an e-zine.

A5 Fanzine version (print this side first):
Side A (file size 8MB approx)
(and then flip the pages over as a whole and insert them into the sheetfeeder so that the blank side prints):
Side B (file size 1.3MB approx)

E-zine version:
Screencopy (file size 9.3MB approx)

As ever, all the back issues are still available by scrolling down the page or clicking the links to the left. I hope you enjoy the issue - as ever all feedback is welcome!

And when you're done, pop over to Leslie McMurtry's The Terrible Zodin, which I'm delighted to say was inspired by Shooty Dog Thing.

See you next time, I'll try and get my arse in gear and have issue nine done for March!