Thursday, 2 August 2007

SFX 'Fanzine Of The Month' review!

The new issue of SFX (#160, the one with the Star Trek cross-stitch logo on the cover) has given Shooty Dog Thing #2 a bloody marvellous review. I won't quote much of what it says here as I want you to go and look at the issue (see page 122, in with the reader ads at the back of the mag) to return the favour, but 'there are some genuinely cool things to read' sums up what Ian Berriman thinks of it. This is precisely what I need to hear as now's when I should be pulling out that finger and getting on with the third issue for next month!

Pop down to the July 15th entry to see how you can download the fanzine, Share And Enjoy!

(off to grab a cup of tea and find the Clangers article in SFX...)