Thursday, 22 March 2007

Shooty Dog Thing Adventures - Issue One

Issue one of "Shooty Dog Thing" has a free gift, a little brother mini-freezine from the deranged minds of Erik Pollitt and myself that has all the stuff which wasn't the right tone for the main issue, but more like a Tav-zine which we used to do years back.

But rather than being just the one week late, it's actually three weeks behind schedule. That's the last time I trust Auntie Iris with the post...

But anyway, her bus pulled up outside and with much cursing along the lines of "do I look like a bloody postman" and "bloody fanzine editors" she shoved the data-pen through the letterbox and stomped off.

Just like with the main issue, "Shooty Dog Thing Adventures" comes in two versions, a read on screen copy for the majority of you, and a 'print out' version which you can insert into the centre pages of the main zine, just where it was always intended to go. Please note that this one is rather ink intensive - might be better to use a high GSM paper - and don't forget to flip the page to get both sides printed :o)

"Shooty Dog Thing #1 - Screen Edition":

with freebie "Shooty Dog Thing Adventures - Screen Edition":

"Shooty Dog Thing #1 - Print Edition":

with freebie "Shooty Dog Thing Adventures - Print Edition":

Thanks for all the kind comments, keep them coming - don't be shy!