Monday, 16 June 2008

Issue Six - Summer 2008

Hey there, welcome to the sixth issue of Shooty Dog Thing. If you’ve never encountered the fanzine before then HELLO! SDT’s been described as doing for the eighties/nineties fanzines what Russell T. Davies has done for Doctor Who, giving it a noughties update that reinvigorates the concept of the printed ’zine. And if you’ve never encountered a fanzine before, this is what fans used to create before we had websites - just print off the PDF of side A, flip the paper and then print side B, fold it in the middle, kerchunk a couple of staples in place and that’s a fanzine! Of course, there’s also an e-zine version you can simply read on your computer screen, if you don’t want to print. The choice is yours, aren’t I good? Oh, and did I mention it’s totally free? :o)

Cover - “The Year Of Intelligent Tigers” by Andy Mason
Editorial by Paul Castle
First Doctor Wordsearch by Terry Francis
Interview with Paul Scoones
“Do The MONSTER MASH” by Paul Castle, illustrated by Mike Morgan
“The Enemy Within” by Charles Daniels
“AlternativeZ” (G, H, & I) by Terry Francis
Comic strip - “The Pen Store Adventure” by Leslie McMurtry
“The Curse Of Fatal Death - The Board Game!” by Paul Castle
“Doctor Who Monthly” - reviews by Wesley Osam (The Year Of Intelligent Tigers), Adam Stone (Remembrance Of The Daleks), Arfie Mansfield (The Time Meddler), Colin John Francis (Sympathy For The Devil), James Hadwen (Final Genesis), and Paul Castle (Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD)
Interview with Julian Eales & Selina Lock
“Two’s Firsts” by Terry Francis
“Moths Ate Toby Hadoke’s Doctor Who Scarf” reviewed by Ali Bongo, Paul Castle, and Tim Hirst Back Cover - “Frank The Macra” by Mike Morgan

As always the issue comes in two free-to-download editions. This gives you a choice: you can either print it out as a proper fanzine, or read onscreen as an e-zine.

A5 Fanzine version (print this side first): (file size 5MB approx)

(and then flip the pages over as a whole and insert them into the sheetfeeder so that the blank side prints): (file size 2MB approx)

E-zine version: (file size 7MB approx)

As ever, all the back issues are still available, just click on this link for links to download the first five issues.

I hope you enjoy the issue - as ever all feedback is welcome!