Sunday, 14 October 2007

Submission details

Hi, someone noted that there's no submission or contact details here on the blog. There's an email address in the fanzine itself, but to save you from having to look at *that* you can contact me here:

Braxiatel (at)
(just replace the (at) with an @ - I don't want any spam from hunter-spammer robots that may or may not trawl the blogs for unwary email addresses)

If you're interested in writing something, don't just send me stuff though. Email me and we can talk about it first. i don't want anyone to go to any trouble in writing something I can't use, and a few emails will avoid disappointment.

Issue four is well on the way, so we're probably talking March's issue five at the earliest for new projects.

Many thanks,

Paul Castle
(and you can scroll down to the previous entry - 11-09-07 - to download all three issues thus far!)