Thursday, 6 September 2007

Issue Three Now Online!

Hey there!

Issue three of Shooty Dog Thing is now available to download. It's a celebration of 15 years of Bernice Summerfield, who first appeared in issue 192 of DWM way back in september 1992, and then in Paul Cornell's "Love And War" the following month.

The issue has interviews with Simon Guerrier, producer of the Benny range at Big Finish, Stephen Fewell, who plays Jason Kane in the Benny audios, and Lisa Bowerman, who plays Bernice Summerfield in the very same.

Also you'll find a history of Benny in print and elsewhere by Iain Martin, with additional stuff by me, a short story where Benny and Jason dig up some Quarks, and other stuff.

The issue is, as always, available in two versions. You can download a read onscreen edition if not wishing to print out:

and an edition presented so you can print out one side of an A5 fanzine format:

then the other (just reload all of side A back into the sheet feeder the right way around to print the reverse):

All versions are PDF files, and require Adobe Acrobat to read, which'll just need a quick google to find and download (there's always a free version).

All back issues are available, just scroll down to the June 14th entries for the first two issues.

I hope you enjoy the issue, and will see you again with issue 4 in December!

Oh, and please let me know what you think.

Paul Castle