Sunday, 19 April 2009

Shooty Dog Thing - It's back, and it's about 9!

Hiya, this is issue 9!

Second Doctor, Jamie & Victoria Cover by Danielle Ellison
Editorial by Paul Castle
"The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" by Paul Castle
"What do you think of the casting of Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor?" by loadsa people (forgot to thank you in the editorial: so thanks everyone, much appreciated!)
"Iris? Iris? Who the heck is Iris?" by Jon Arnold
Interview with Paul Magrs
Conjugal Rites review by Stuart Douglas
Interview with Mark Wright & Cavan Scott
"Doctor Who Monthly" - reviews by James Hadwen (Nature Of The Beast), Nicole Redo (Seasons Of Fear), Wesley Osam (Trading Futures), Paul Castle (Star Tigers), James Gent (The Nightmare Fair), and Arfie Mansfield (The TVM)
"Re: The Other Issue" - "Shocked!" by Louise Sellers, "An Imperfect Mirror" by Paul Castle, "Missing Pieces" by Jon Arnold
Cartoon by Mike Morgan
"Doctor What If?" by Nick Mellish and Paul Castle
"Season Of Mists And General Fudginess" by Paul Castle
"AlternativeZ" (P, Q, & R) by Terry Francis
Anneke Wills - "Naked" reviewed by Paul Castle
"Base Under Siege" by Arfie Mansfield
"Auntie Iris's A-Z Guide To The Rubbish Monsters" by Erik Pollitt

As always the issue comes in two free-to-download editions. This gives you a choice: you can either print it out as a proper fanzine, or read onscreen as an e-zine.

A5 Fanzine version (print this side first):
Side A (file size 2.4MB approx)
(and then flip the pages over as a whole and insert them into the sheetfeeder so that the blank side prints):
Side B (file size 2.1MB approx)

E-zine version:
Screencopy (file size 4.5MB approx)

As ever, all the back issues are still available by scrolling down the page or clicking the links to the left. I hope you enjoy the issue - as ever all feedback is welcome!