Monday, 17 December 2007

Shooty Dog Thing 4

Hi there!

Welcome to the new issue of Shooty Dog Thing, completing the fourth of 2007's quarters. I hope you enjoy this over your festive holiday, and let others know: don't forget to leave Santa a copy alongside his sherry and mince pies!

This issue features lots of brilliant stuff:

Cover by Andy Hackett (
Rambling editorial by Paul Castle
Tim Hirst interviewed by Paul Castle (
Crossword by Terry Francis
"All My Love To Long Ago" by Paul Castle, pics by Felice
"Take Five? Nah!" by Iain Martin
Self Portrait autobiography reviewed by Jon Arnold
(please visit to buy the book and read my review there)
"AlternativeZ" by Terry Francis
"What I Don't Understand Is This..." 'puzzle' by Paul Castle
"Quick Guides: Polly & Ben" by Stephen Gray
Anneke Wills interviewed by Paul Castle
"Doctor Who Monthly" reviews:
(Dec: 'The Seeds Of Death' novelisation reviewed by Terry Francis
'Cyber-Hunt' spin-off CD reviewed by Paul Castle
Jan: 'Relative Dementias' novel reviewed by Wesley Osam
'Storm Warning' CD reviewed by Colin John Francis
Feb: 'The Web Planet' tv story reviewed by Arfie Mansfield
'Planet Of The Daleks' comic strip reviewed by James Hadwen)
"Is The Doctor Worth The Monsters?" by Jon Arnold
YANA e-zine sort of reviewed by Paul Castle
"Twenty-Oh-Nine" forecast by Paul Castle
"Considering One's Character Options" by Paul Castle
"Doctor In Love" by Paul Castle, pics by Red Sharlach of
"Craggles Rocked!": Jon Arnold remembers Craig Hinton
"Auntie Iris's Guide To The Rubbish Monsters #2" by Erik Pollitt
"The Original Captain Jack" by Nicole Redo
"The Quark Is Rising" by Arfie Mansfield

As always the issue comes in two free-to-download editions. This gives you a choice: you can either print it out as a proper fanzine, or read onscreen as an e-zine. Though if you take the e-zine option, make sure you print off the crossword /before/ you start filling it in!

A5 Fanzine version (print this side first):

(and then flip the pages over as a whole and insert them into the sheetfeeder so that the blank side prints):

E-zine version:

Well, that's enough from me! Have a very Merry Christmas and I'll see you in March for issue five!

Paul Castle
(and you can scroll down to the previous entry - 11-09-07 - to download all three issues thus far!)