Thursday, 14 June 2007

Back Issues re-uploaded


The people I use for hosting my files,, delete accounts that remain inactive for 56 days, so about a month ago they wiped the first issue off the server.

I've just re-uploaded those files, which you can download from here:

Shooty Dog Thing comes in two editions, one which you can simply read onscreen, but the second is designed so you can print out a copy to fold and staple as a classic A5 fanzine. It's a little tricky if you aren't familar with your printer, but you're learning how to print on both sides and reduce paper usage - so it's worth making the effort.

Shooty Dog Thing issue 1 (read on-screen)

Shooty Dog Thing issue 1 (print out, fold and staple) (feed paper back into in-tray the right way around and print side B:)

There was a free gift with the issue, a 'little brother' fanzine from the diseased mind of Erik Pollitt. Here's just the 'screen' version for now (I can't find the print version)